12.06.14 - day 17 [vancouver, bc]

Vancouver is a truly unique city: flooded with variety, nature and urbanity. The calm breeze of the waters air brought over a relaxing atmosphere to a city center. The interaction of the outdoors and local environment is a key feature to the lifestyle of a vancouverite?! I spent the few days there embracing the ability to get lost in the park and causal rides along the sea wall, watching sea otters fish and turtles slowly cross paths. It is a spectacular place to embrace a balance of nature, art and urbanity.

Some of these balances lie in the urban design of the downtown neighborhoods. Where often city land is developed into community gardens, dead center in the sprawl of the metropolitan as well as puncturing natural paths of water and forests between main streets and alley ways and through to the next main street. It’s all of these additional layers of nature that bring the people of Vancouver to a more enjoyable and healthy setting of lifestyle. Being able to appreciate the fast urban context while reminding ones self to slow down and enjoy the beauty, the nature and the unexpected that life has to offer.

One never knows what one will see on the streets of Vancouver- nature and nurture are always at play.

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